SIGSOFT Awards 2022

The 2022 Winners!

The Selection Process

  • The 7-year window for the Early Career Researcher Award may now be extended for extenuating circumstances such as parental or medical leave. The circumstances must be described in the nomination statement for the committee’s deliberation.
  • Award committees. We’ve reduced the number of award committees to three: (1) a committee for outstanding dissertation and early career awards, (2) a committee for outstanding research, influential educator, and distinguished service awards, and (3) a committee for the impact paper award. We posted the committee members four weeks prior to the award deadline. Committee members were approved by the SIGSOFT Chair and the SIGSOFT Awards Chairs and checked against the ACM Violations database.
  • Conflict of interest rules. Committee members were not allowed to be nominated, nominate, or endorse for any of the awards that are handled by their committee. This also included the Impact Paper Award.



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